What a Locksmith Service Can Do for Your Property

Many countries are peaceful, but there are no excuse for crimes like burglary and identity theft. A few people in the country have fallen victims to these crimes year by year. For some reason, homeowners and businesses need to invest in a professional locksmith Malaysia to enhance security in homes, offices or even their cars. There are ways how a professional locksmith can make everyone feel safe and secure.

To ensure that your home, vehicle or office is uninviting to thieves, you need to secure services from a locksmith for protection. Especially at night, anything can happen, and you don’t want to lose something or even your life just for a simple robbery in your property.


A typical lock offers less resistance to a professional burglar. It only takes an excellent screwdriver or a credit card to wiggle through the doors. What you’re really after is something like a cylinder deadlock to add extra protection to your home or office. A tubular deadlock is nicer and is more aesthetic as well as can add extra safety. Then if you’re serious about enhancing your security, there’s the double tubular deadlock, which can be installed in any door. Deadlocks provide the best resistance from crooks and are worth considering too.

Furthermore, there are biometric lock installations available nowadays. These are locks that require a pin entry. Users are also authenticated by voice scanning, voiceprint identification or fingerprint scanning. We can also add door hardware, emergency lockouts, and high-security locks.


Always recommended is installing lights for security and protection. Nothing drives out burglars more than a well-lit entranceway or porch to your home. By mounting floodlights at the end of your house, you add a huge amount of light over your property. Double floodlights are more advised than single ones for best effects.

Non-electronic security devices

Steel rods or bolts are the best ways to prevent break-ins through windows. The simple device doesn’t cost much and allows you to keep your window open, therefore letting in fresh air at night.

Battery-operated alarms

The whole purpose of a battery-operated door alarm is when crooks open the door the alarm will sound, therefore scaring them off. If you choose this option, you may wish to invest in a high quality and durable alarm.

Wireless intercom units are also available. These should allow you to hear noise from key points around the house. This nifty device requires no wiring – simply plug them into an electrical outlet.

Some other general safety precautions

Never inform a stranger that you’re away from your home for a long period – even if you’re excited about your vacation.

Have a family member, friend or neighbor come to your house regularly to clear out your mail from your mailbox. Nothing inspires a burglar more than seeing voluminous mail.

Then carefully check all locks in your home, vehicle or business. If it looks old or fragile to you, it will look the same to the intruder so have it fixed or replaced immediately.

The following security measures will ensure your property is kept safe and secure at all times. Check with a professional locksmith how you can provide all these items.